Removal Pricing - Junk Removal

Removal Pricing

Eco junk removal is a lot more affordable than you may think. Our junk hauling prices are the best in the Metro Detroit and include:

  • We charge by volume or in other words, how much space your junk takes up on our truck.
  • We give you an UPFRONT PRICE before start. No hidden surprises or extra fees at the end.
  • We do all of the lifting, loading, sorting, recycling, donating, and disposal.
  • You just let us know what needs to go, and we will take care of the rest.
  • Gas and travel charges included.
  • No added taxes, labor or “extra fees”.
  • Simply point out the items and we do the work.
  • Our normal truck hold approx 15 cubic yards of junk!

We believe in honest, fair and up-front pricing. We base all of our prices on the total volume of your junk and not the time it takes to remove, haul or dispose of your junk. Here is sample of how we charge.



Truck Load Volume (ft3) Cost
Min Load up to 60 ft.3 $85.00
1/6th Load 60 to 80 ft.3 $125.00
1/4th Load 80 to 120 ft.3 $175.00
3/8th Load 120 to 180 ft.3 $225.00
1/2th Load 180 to 240 ft.3 $275.00
5/8th Load 240 to 300 ft.3 $325.00
3/4th Load 300 to 360 ft.3 $350.00
Full Load 360 to 450 ft.3 $400.00

Prices on this page are an average for basic household or business junk and trash.
Prices may vary due to weight and/or added demo/labor.  HEAVY MATERIALS such as concrete, dirt, tile, stucco, construction debris, etc. will be priced by the bed load (1 foot deep due to weight limits)

All prices are quoted upfront, so you do not have to worry about the price changing during or after the work is complete.

Contact us today at 248-795-5626 and we can help you determine what truck load you’ll need and give you no-obligation junk removal quote.