Hoarder Clean Up

Hoarding Clean Outs & Extreme Clutter 

Do you feel overwhelmed by the things you’ve collected through the years? Do you need assistance getting it all under control? We can help! We provide professional and compassionate hoarding clean up services.

Signs of hoarding include extreme collection and storage of items in the home and yard, accumulation of newspapers, rubbish, brand new items bought at the store that were never opened, blocked doorways and windows, small pathways throughout home, rotting food, used food containers, spider webs, and general neglect of home.

If this describes you or a loved one, we can work with you or the Individual, family, or anyone else involved in the clean-up.  Our extreme professional crew members are highly trained and efficient technicians working on your particular situation. We are trained to handle all types of Minor to Extreme Situations.  In a hoarding situation the amount of stuff may appear to be too much to handle. Rest assured, no matter how much stuff there is, we can handle it.  Our professional cleaning and removal hoarding services are the perfect solution for any size project. We know that the healing can only begin after the home is cleared.

We have worked with hundreds of families throughout the Greater Detroit area for hoarding help. We can remove incredible amounts of clutter quickly and professionally.  We are not finished with a job until you are completely and overwhelmingly satisfied.  You will be amazed at the dramatic changes that will take place.  We get more hugs than you could imagine.  We are very pleased to offer such a rewarding and personal service to our clients each and every time. Let us help ease your loved one’s transition into a healthier, happier life! Give us a call today!  You will be happy you did.

Our team is made up of project managers, professional organizers, extreme cleaners, and haulers. We ARE the total package for hoarding clean out and organizing.